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Third year Graphic Design: The 'Spotless' campaign was my interpretation of the brief 'Positive Pandemic'. As we now need to wear face coverings on a daily basis due to the pandemic, the new problem of maskne (mask acne) has arisen. I wanted to create an app to help educate people on maskne and help them track their symptoms. From the data they input daily, they will see patterns, shown through infographics and graphs, which will show what works best for the user's skin (such as which products or ingredients) so they can continue to follow the skincare routine which benefits them the most. They are given advice which is personal to their skin to help heal their maskne and prevent it in the future.

My target audience for this app is females, age 16 to 21, so I created a playful brand personality which is both engaging and welcoming. I did this through the use of a bright colour scheme, a rounded, Sans Serif typeface and vector illustrations.

I created an advert-style piece of moving image to show what the features of the app are, and how it works.

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