Gooats GF portable breakfast drink

Gooats was my response to the JDO Raw competition brief ‘Supermarket’ where you had to ‘take a basic supermarket staple and turn it into a covetable consumer good’. I decided to use cereal and turn it into a gluten free portable breakfast drink for gluten free millennials.

I based my drink around the basic cereal ingredient ‘oats’ and goat’s milk which then led to the name ‘Gooats’ (Go oats). I wanted the brand tone of voice and imagery to be playful which would make this product stand out in the gluten free section in a supermarket. (As someone who recently had to go gluten free, I have found there is a gap in the market for innovative packaging/flavours for gluten free cereal.)

I used goats as the imagery which linked to the name ‘gooats’ and the goats milk in the product. I wanted to convey that the drink is portable and convenient so created imagery of goats eating cereal in wacky places!